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Whittington veterinary clinic has operated with one goal in mind, communication.  Our success as Statewide Louisiana veterinarians stems from our willingness to go above and beyond assisting owners with their understanding of the field of veterinary medicine. Dr. Paul Whittington  and Dr. Casi Alleman strive to provide outstanding veterinary services for any spectrum of livestock and companion animals.  Dr. Casi covers all aspects of the companion animal side, allowing Dr. Paul the ability to focus on the production animal side.  We accept referrals from other veterinarians and are willing to provide specified services that some may not have time or desire to attack alone.

Dr. Paul Whittington purchased Prejean Veterinary Clinic and formed Whittington Veterinary Clinic in 2009.  Dr. Paul enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine but mainly focuses on large animal due to demands.  He is extremely passionate toward production animals especially beef cattle and Cervidae.   Dr. Paul aims to provide the best service statewide veterinary clinic, helping producers set and attain their goals.  He has surrounded himself with two veterinarians who have a passion about veterinary medicine, second to none.

Dr. Jacques Fuselier was a recent in-house vet of Food Animal, Production, as well as a Therionology Specialist that Dr. Whittington had the luxury of working and learning along side during his stay at our clinic. For the effort, knowledge, and care that helped to progress the capabilities of our clinic, he will always be a part of the Whittington Vet Clinic Family. While Dr. Jacques has found where is hefty archive of information is needed next, he has greatly expanded the already broad spectrum of care that Dr. Whittington has been providing the State of Louisiana for years.


Being full-service Statewide Louisiana veterinarians, we offer full management and consultation for our bovine clients from herd analysis to pregnancy checking and vaccinating cattle.  We offer ambulatory services as well as full working facility at our clinic with a hydraulic flip chute that can accommodate any need that may arise.  We offer herd consulting, surgical procedures, lameness evaluation, hoof trimming, breeding soundness examination for cows and bulls and specialty items such as artificial insemination, embryo flushing and transfer.  We seek to increase each individual farm’s statistics whether you are a cow-calf, stocker, or backyard weekend cattleman.  We accept referrals from other veterinarians and are willing to provide specialized services that some may not have time or desire to attack alone.


Specifically speaking of Cervidae , we feel there has been a poor understanding from most clientele of exactly what a veterinarian can offer.  We seek to help people understand to utilize us as planners and consultants rather than simply emergency veterinarians.   We understand there is limited scientific knowledge of Cervidae and no one person has all the answers, yet we are very well versed in the field and pledge not to stop until we have answers.  We have witnessed the firsthand devastation of “everything going wrong”, whether its management issues or one of the multiple diseases that decrease herd numbers in a flash.  We are passionate about getting to know our producers first hand and performing thorough site visits and herd analysis to assist in developing the best herd possible.  We offer to assist producers one on one or through consultation with your regular local veterinarians.  Especially when crisis happens we aim to control and give assistance through your local veterinarians as three heads are better than one!  We have traveled throughout the country working on deer and although we will never pretend to solve every issue that arises our guarantee is we will sort through the particular issue and stand side by side with you until we identify and develop the correct treatment.  Please contact us today to schedule your site visit, herd analysis, laparoscopic artificial insemination and or buck semen collection and freezing, as scheduling gets booked very tight during that time of year.  We want to be as efficient as possible to assure that we give adequate time for you to set up your deer properly and increase your conception rates drastically!  Please never hesitate to call with questions as our job as Statewide Louisiana Veterinarians is not complete if you do not 100% understand when, why and what to do with all the information available!


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